Deck Chairs

King, Queen, and Knight Series Deck Chairs

The Royal Collection This collection of chairs are built to last, with comfort in mind. The seats and back are sloped to provide a relaxed feeling, while still allowing you to sit comfortably while eating a meal. The basic chairs are constructed using outdoor wood screws, pocket hole joinery, and outdoor wood glue. The frames, seats, and arm rest are constructed of treated lumber to provide resistance to the weather. We do recommend applying stain or sealant to the chairs after the lumber has dried, typically 2 months. We do not offer staining or sealing, as the chairs need to dry before they will properly absorb the treatment. The Plus collection provides a lower maintenance option. The frames are constructed of a factory stained treated lumber. The seat and arm rest are constructed of a treated lumber with a coat of outdoor wood paint (multiple color options) applied. Queen Collection This design is made with a few more curves to appeal to your eye more, such as a curved back for extra comfort, an additional curve to the seat, and tapered arm rest. Generally, small to average size people prefer the fit of this chair. Knight Collection Designed to be solid with less curb appeal. This chair is built strong to last, while proving to be comfort for average to large people. King Collection Live like a King in this chair. It sits 2" taller than the Knight, while also providing a 26" wide seat. Additional bracing at the bottom of the chair provides extra strength as well as a foot rest for those with shorter legs. This chair is comfortable for all sizes. While all of our chairs prove to be comfortable for hours, we do recommend the addition of cushions. We do not provide these, but the are available at many locations. This allows you to pick a design that fits your style. Call us to order, 417-839-3749.